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We’re All Set For Tomorrow, Let’s Rock!



Hi All,

Well its been a busy day but we are now all set for our Classic Rock Day tomorrow, the Bryston amps are warming up nicely to some Led Zeppelin as I just bought the last 3 box sets that were remastered and they are sounding great.

Barry dropped a few boxes of vinyl in today, starting from £1 up to £6′ish, there is a great selection there, so this could be a great opportunity to pick some vinyl at sensible prices, he will also be offering his vinyl cleaning service, I will be getting my recently released Bruce Springsteen Vinyl remasters cleaned that’s for sure.

Dave Lewis from the Led Zeppelin Fan Club will be bringing along a selection of vinyl and DVD’s to play, he has also put together a Classic Rock quiz which will be fun, I may have a go this year as I was well out of my depth last year with the Led Zeppelin quiz.

Basically it will be a relaxed day so please feel free to bring some music along, I have got the classics on vinyl but anything out of the ordinary will be great to hear also if we have the time, Wendy has also been busy sorting out the nibbles and coffee.

I have updated our Art Vinyl wall to get in with the mood, look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


[b]The big guns are ready :-)[/b]




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