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More upholstery cleaning

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After dropping a mail to the firm that supplied the upholstery cleaning chemical they asked if I had before and after shots, so today I took out the driver's seat and the rest of the trim so as to do side by side shots of a cleaned seat and one about to be cleaned. In doing so I broke two cobalt drills, obviously by applying force in the wrong direction.

So, with the seat and door trims off and the driver's side rear panel trim out I thought I'd take the opportunity to get a little bit of the awkward trim work done. The rear section of the roof lining is now in place as is the carpet on the rear parcel shelf area and a couple of bits of carpet on the passenger side of the cabin.

I found a nice way to apply adhesive (yes , high temperature stuff) is to use a small roller. One purchased form B&Q does the job, just a little 4" one with imitation mohair rollers. It gives a decent even coat of adhesive.

That was it for the day, just trim work. I suppose mechanically all the fair size jobs that I have to do that I know of if the seat belt mounts, the repair to the bumper and respray bumper and spats. There will be other things like door locks, timing etc but that's pretty minor.
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