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Thanks To Everyone Who ‘Rocked Up’ On Saturday!



Hi All,

Both Wendy and myself just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday and helped make our Classic Rock day so much fun, it was great to see so many familiar faces and a few new ones.

Also thanks for Barry for bringing along a great and varied selection of vinyl which proved very popular along with his record cleaning services, this also proved to be very popular indeed with many people trying the before and after experience and being quite surprised at the improvement the cleaning bought.

Also a big thanks to Dave Lewis for helping run the event, I stayed away from his quiz though as I think I really would have showed myself up, I didn’t even know one of the Bruce Springsteen questions so I wouldn’t have stood a chance with some of the more obscure questions but fair play to everyone who participated, there were some very impressive scores.

So all in all a great day that proved to be lots of fun, so thanks again and please find Dave Lewis’s review below and a picture that he took and a link to his Facebook page -


[b]HiFi Lounge/TBL Classic Rock Saturday – Dunton, Bedfordshire – March 21, 2015:[/b]


It was great to be back at the farm buildings in Dunton yesterday - the home of HiFi Lounge,the highly reputable hi- fi dealership run by Paul Clark. We teamed up with Paul for a Zep day last year and we were back this time extending the theme to classic rock artusts and it worked a treat.

It was good to TBL crew members Gary Foy and Ian Avey –Richard Grubb and his mate Bill over from Wales (Richard wrote that superb Led Zep Remastered feature in TBL 38) plus Martyn Vail and wife Jean. There were also plenty of Paul’s Hi-Fi enthusiasts in attendance. I’m no hi fi buff but I am fascinated at the knowledge and passion these guys have and boy is there some money to be spent.

There was also the added bonus of a record stall present run by Barry from Grade 1 Records Stevenage. Barry also offered a record cleaning service and those that took up that option were amazed at the results – Richard Grubb had new life breathed into an old copy of Led Zep II he brought along -Tom had a similar result with his Wild Turkey album. The stall did some brisk business and of course I succumbed to a couple namely The Yes Album on original UK plum and orange Atlantic and Canned Heat.

After lunch (a superb spread - thank you Wendy!) I also ran a fun quiz of 50 questions surrounding classic rock artists – the lyric round foxed a few (that’s you Phil H!). The winners were Gary and Ian.

The main attraction was of course the playing of vinyl on amazing kit.

For that treat we were listening in the main room on a hi-fi set up with the following specs and the price it retails at:

PMC MB2 Se’s speakers (£16,100)

Bryston 28B SST x2 amps (£10,000 each)

Bryston SP3 pre amp (£10,000)

Well tempered Vesaleax Turntable (£3,400)

Dynavector Te Kaitora cartridge (£2199)

Atlas Asimi Cables Throughout


There was an excellent cross section of albums and choice cuts on the playlist throughout the day – here’s some highlights:

The Who - Who’s Next Baba O Reilly/Bargain – amazingly clear.

Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon – as expected, pretty awesome. attraction was of course the playing of vinyl on amazing kit.

Deep Purple Speed King/Black Sabbath Paranoid -Tom’s faves.

Frank Zappa Hot Rats (Richard and Bill were at a Frank Zappa Convention the previous night and got this one in!)

David Bowie - the recent best of set.

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti – absolutely stunning!

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven from the 02 Celebration Day album this sounded so clear and it was a real thrill to hear Robert’ ‘’Hey Ahmet’’ comment loud and proud.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours – winding down at the close of the day this sounded magnificent - particularly The Chain and You make Loving Fun.

I sold a few bits and spread the TBL word throughout the day – overall another splendid HIFi Lounge/TBL event and many thanks to Paul and Wendy for opening the doors to the HiFi Lounge – if you are need of quality h-fi –be sure to check in with Paul.

DL - March 22, 2015

[b]Thanks again,

Paul & Wendy[/b]


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