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Naim NAC-N 272 IS Now Here And On Demo!



Hi All,

This is one piece of Naim equipment I have personally been looking forward to, I am a big fan of the NAC-N 172 as I found if you could go with a 2 box solution partnered with a NAP 200 it would give a nice increase in performance compared to the similarly priced SuperUniti.

So when my demo NAC-N 272 arrived yesterday I hooked it up to our demo NAP 250 which I guess will be the perfect partner, maybe even a NAP 300 would be worth considering, and left it running overnight so that I could come in this morning for a good listen before the phone starts ringing, I compared it directly against the SuperNait 2 / ND5 XS system as both are similarly priced 2 box solutions.

Firstly both systems sound excellent and are reasonably close in performance but the NAP 250 is the classic Naim amp and as good as the SN2 is it just can’t compete with the control and drive of the 250. Comparing the 272 with the ND5 bought 2 different presentations with the 272 being very open, airy, detailed with great seperation, a very delicate sound with the ND5 XS being slightly darker and warmer but overall I preferred the 272/250 combo really for the extra insight that it bought to recordings, but I could see this combo not being as forgiving to bad recordings as the SN2/ND5 system would be and I would imagine if you added the HiCap to the SN2 this could bring back some of that openess of the 272, but then in typical Naim fashion you could add a XP5 XS or XPS to the 272 to further enhance that.

At the end of the day both are excellent systems and I can see some people preferring one over the other and vice versa, its a great choice to have though, later on I will compare the SN2/NDX v the 272/250 as that will certainly be interesting.

So to sum up the NAC-N 272 is a streaming Pre-Amp with digital inputs so you can use it as a DAC, it also has Bluetooth and Spotify Connect as well as internet radio and DSD 64 support, a first for Naim, it is priced at £3300 or with DAB/FM £3595, if you’d like to come in for a listen please feel free of if you’d like to discuss trading in an existing Naim system please feel free to ring as the 272/250 combo really seems like the next logical step up from the Uniti Range of products now.




[B]Partnered With The NAP 250[/B]





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