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Audeze EL-8 and Deckard Update, On Demo This Weekend!




Hi all,

I just thought it was worth posting a quick blog with the latest information we have regarding the much anticipated Audeze EL-8 headphones and their new Deckard headphone amp, basically after a few delays we are expecting the Open Back EL-8′s to be with us mid next week with the closed back following from the 17th April onwards, so not too much longer to wait.

I think it is worth stating that stock on both these models will be extremely tight from the first shipments but more are expected towards the end of the month. Regarding the Deckard, this has taken a bigger knock and is now being slated for late Spring so I’m guessing that means towards the end of May unfortunately.

Some good news though is that this weekend we have the only pair in the UK of the EL-8 open backs on demo and also the only Deckard is with us also so if you do fancy a quick listen please get in touch to arrange a demo, these are going back to Audeze on Tuesday though.





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