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Naim Super Lumina Now On Demo!




Hi All,

Just a quick blog to let everyone know that we now have Naim’s new Super Lumina range of cables on demo. I must admit at first I wasn’t too keen to put these on demo as they are certainly not cheap and I did wonder how good they really could be, then my friendly Naim rep lent me his demo set, I should have known better than to have doubted Naim as on our NAC 252 / NAP 300 / NDS system the upgrade really was substantial compared to Naim’s NAC A5 speaker cable. Firstly the soundstage grew in width and depth, the bass was more controlled but for me it was the extra space it gave everything, everything was more Airy and open with vocals having more presence, basically everything was improved, so I was sold and ordered our demo setup there and then, I’m so easy sometimes :-)

Basically the Super Lumina speaker cables and interconnects were designed alongside Naim’s £150,000 Statement system but used in a more modest system the gains are still there to be heard, it really is almost like a hardware upgrade, like adding one of Naim’s power supplies, even if you are not running a Naim system they would certainly be worth trying.

We have now got a 7m pair of Super Lumina speaker cables, this is the problem with having our main Naim system to one side of the room, and a Din-Din interconnect, the proof in the quality of these cables is trying them at home so if you would like to borrow them please feel free to get in touch and to take them home for a few days.









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