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Aurender Come To HiFi Lounge With Their Reference Music Servers!




Hi All,

I did promise myself that this year I wouldn’t bring on anymore brands, but so far we have added Chord Cables, Chord Electronics, Well Tempered and Isol-8 so that new years resolution didn’t go very well to be honest :-) but for some time now I have been looking for a brand that just did streaming transports, so basically a network player that you add your own DAC to or can plug directly into a Devialet etc, so I am really pleased to be able to add Aurender to our portfolio, that is definitely it for this year, I promise.

Why did we go with Aurender? several reasons really, firstly control, their app really is excellent, obviously sound quality is the most important aspect of any HiFi purchase but with network players the control point is almost as important, you need a feature rich app that works and doesn’t crash and this is where Aurender really score big. It has all the normal features such as playlists etc but also includes cool features like being able to drill down by whether 16bit or 24bit files, even DSD which is also supported, then you can go one step further and search by frequency rate, so 44.1Khz as an example, all clever stuff.

Another great idea of the Aurender range of transports is that whichever model you go for will buffer the audio to its internal Solid State Drive before playing, so basically no moving parts are involved in the playback, I have found in the past that playing audio back from a SSD drive or USB drive always sounds better than direct from a conventional Hard Drive.

At the moment there are 3 models with another due to launch shortly, the N100 is basically a streamer that takes the data from your NAS drive, the X100L has either 6TB or 12TB of internal storage, both os these only have a USB output so perfect for something like a Chord 2Qute DAC or Hugo TT as well as a source for Devialet, then there is the Flagship W20 with multiple Digital outputs.

At the moment we have the N100 and X100L on demo so please feel free to come in to have a look and listen, please find more information below on our website -


[B]Aurender N100[/B]



[B]Aurender X100L[/B]



[B]Aurender W20[/B]


[B]Our Demo N100 + X100L[/B]





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