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Introducing the Stax SRS-5170 Kimik Earspeaker System!




Hi All,

I have to admit that when it comes to headphones I have a soft spot for Stax as they really do offer something totally unique in the headphone arena, or should I say earspeaker arena. They offer a delicacy, speed and insight into the recording that most other headphones can only dream off, OK they are not perfect and you probably wouldn’t use them for heavy metal or dance music but with the most types of music they really do shine.

So the point of this blog is to announce the new SRS-5170 Kimik Stax system which basically comprises of the Stax SR-507 Earspeakers, the top of the range Lambda Earspeaker, matched with the SRM-006tS Energiser which has had the Kimik treatment. When a Stax Energiser is Kimik’d the standard valves are removed and replaced with high quality, cryogenically treated 6FQ7 tubes which also have E.A.T. Tube dampers fitted which achieve a lowering of the background noise thereby giving a more vivid presentation, then the Energiser is carefully set up with the bias, offset and balance checked using a special Stax test meter, so once all these upgrades are completed the Energiser gives an increase in performance across the full audio spectrum resulting in getting more from the 507′s.

Until recently buying the standard energiser with a pair of 507′s would have cost £2040 but with this new package you get the Kimik upgraded energiser and 507′s for £1895 making this a very good value highend headphone setup, just add a source and off you go.

We have this system on permanent demo if you’d like to come in for a listen, please find more information below -






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