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Chord Hugo TT Is Here At Last :-)



Hi Everyone,

I think it is fair to say that we get our fair share of toys to play with in here but there is one product that I have eagerly been waiting for since announced a few months ago, the Chord Hugo TT. Well a courier has just delivered our demo model so I downed tools straight away and took a few pictures, it is now warming up nicely upstairs in our demo room ready for a good listen later, then it may well find its way into my van to take it home tonight for further testing :-)

I’m pretty confident that this is one product that will be finding its way permanently into my home HiFi Setup as I can use it to feed my processor for digital music via an Aurender, via its balanced outputs it can feed a Stax Energiser + it can run a conventional set of headphones also like the Audeze LCD-3′s which Wendy would like for her headphone rig, so a very versatile piece of kit.

I have to say that it is beautifully built with a very solid feel thanks to its military grade aluminium chassis which sits perfectly with the Aurender servers, it really does ooze quality just like its smaller brother but this does feel like Hugo has grown up with proper full size inputs, a gorgeous remote, smooth volume control, it has definitely been worth the wait.

We will have a Hugo TT on permanent demo and at the moment we have 1 x Silver model in stock ready to go if anyone would like to jump the queue as these are sure to have a long’ish waiting list.








[B]The Perfect Partners, Hugo TT with Aurender X100L[/B]





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