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V8 ECU optimisation and dyno figures



Almost one full year after the last dyno session where we experienced the clutch problem, we were back at it this weekend.

With approx. 8000 miles on the engine and the upgraded AP clutch fully run-in, everything was set and ready. We did a total of 14 runs, with adaptions in between - final run produced:
Peak boost: 1.1 bar (turbine housings limiting factor)
Power: 507bhp
Torque: 437 lb/ft
Inlet temp: peaking 40deg C
AFR: flat 12.1
Advance: 19deg


With the car in the hands of the new owner, there is little more for me to do. I would imagine that we may provide some further updates on the Forum from time to time. Over to you Peter !

Mike S

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