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Finals New Sonorous Highend Headphones Announced, On Demo For 1 Week!





Hi All,


We had a couple of visitors yesterday from Final Audio Design, soon the be re-branded as Final, fresh from their showing at the Munich Highend Show at the weekend where they launched 2 very special new headphones, the Sonorous range which comprises of the Sonorous VIII and X, luckily they brought them in for us to listen to, even better they have left them with us for 1 week, these are the only pair of each in the world so we are very honoured.


The drivers alone have been in development for over 2 years, the designer explained to us yesterday that he really is trying to bring something new to the headphone market. We love their Pandora range, value for money wise I would say they are unbeatable, we have had customers compare the Pandora Hope VI at £549 to the Audeze LCD-3 at £1599 which is a really high accolade, so when Final bring out a very highend model you really do have to listen.


The Pandora range is known for its hybrid technology where a dynamic driver is used for mid/bass and a balanced armature is used for the higher frequencies, this really gives a very spacious sound, with the Sonorous range Final have developed a single dynamic driver that really does bring these 2 technologies into one driver.


Both Wendy and myself had a long listen and I have to say these headphones really are quite special, with Wendy particularly falling for the Sonorous X, she has got expensive tastes though I have to say. The things that were really noticeable was width to the sound, always difficult with a headphone, but there was real air and space around the presentation with a real sweet top end and very natural mid. It is hard to say that any headphone is worth £4000, but these really are very special indeed as they have a lovely organic and open sound with a very cohesive and balanced presentation.


One thing is for certain, photo’s really don’t do justice to how stunning they both look, it certainly sounds a bit OTT using Gold Leaf on the cups but there is no denying for these headphones it really works.


Comparing the VIII against the X really reminded me of going between the Stax SR-009′s and SR-007′s, both are obviously excellent but the VIII’s have a slightly darker presentation like the SR-007′s which I can see some people preferring, but for me once you’ve heard the X’s there is no going back, much like when you’ve heard the Stax SR-009′s.


So as I say we have kindly been lent both the new Sonorous VIII’s and X’s for a week so if you’d like to come in and have a listen please do get in touch, availability and pricing is still to be confirmed but one thing is sure, the Highend Headphone market has 2 extremely enjoyable and exciting new additions.






[b]Sonorous VIII[/b]






[b]Sonorous X[/b]










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