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A Big Thanks To Naim For a Great Day Out at Silverstone Yesterday!





Hi All,


It certainly all seems to be cars, cars and more cars here at the moment, every weekend we seem to be at a different car event, this weekend though was pretty cool as Wendy and myself got invited along to Silverstone for the Blancpain GT race at Silverstone as guests of Naim Audio and Bentley Cars, Naim are one of Bentleys sponsors, it was a great event with a range of supercars hammering around Silverstone, a really awesome sight to see.


The real highlight though was that we were allowed access to the grid as the cars were forming for the start, I’ve been to countless races over the years but have never had this opportunity, it really was quite surreal, it really did feel like you shouldn’t be there, I’m sure all the mechanics must hate us getting in the way, it was great fun though.


It was a 3 hour race and Bentley put up a good show but it was eventually won by a McLaren, if anyone in interested there is a 2min highlight reel below -




So Thanks for Naim for the invite and a great day out, as ever please find a few pictures below -


[b]The Lamborghini’s were racing in their own race series, this is an expensive car park -[/b]








[b]How gorgeous are these 2 show Lambo's[/b]






[b]On The Grid as everyone gets ready to start the 3 hour race.[/b]












[b]Bentley In Hot Pursuit[/b]






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