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More Devialet Phantom News!



Hi All,


Just a quick Phantom update, We went to London on Monday for Devialet Training, really interesting, most of the day was spent listening to Phantom and showing how to set it all up, very intuitive with Dialog, look forward to try setting one up as a Bluetooth speaker without Dialog to see how that pans out, funnily enough I actually preferred the look of the standard Phantom with the white bass drivers and chrome trim, really looked stunning.


Another cool thing with the Phantom is that shortly the Dialog will be able to decode Dolby and DTS so you can use Phantom to create a very powerful wireless surround system for movies and music, knowing how amazing 2 Phantoms sound I can only imagine how powerful and dramatic 5 Phantoms would sound for the latest blockbuster.


I really can’t help thinking that Devialet have done an Apple here and come up with a product that no one really needs but everyone will want once they see it in action and hear it, much like the iPad.


We have arranged a Devialet Open Day for July 25th with representatives here from Devialet answering any questions you may have, I guess we will be focusing on Phantom mainly, I can guarantee that you have never heard such a small and stylish speaker sound so good, I will put a blog up shortly with more info about the open day.


Here are a few more pics from Monday -














[B]Sam Lab In Action![/B]






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