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Astell&Kern’s New AK380 On Demo, Meet The Ultimate Portable Player!



Hi All,


Well the portable player market has moved at a fair old pace lately, largely driven by Astell&Kern I think it is fair to say. A couple of years ago if you had said there would be a £3000 portable player you could put in your pocket you would have been laughed out of the building and I would have probably been laughing along with everyone else, but slowly and surely Astell&Kern have proved that Highend Audio really is possible from something you can carry in your pocket and can prove to be the main source for a Highend Home HiFi system.


The AK240 really moved the market up a level, it achieved fantastic sound quality, not sounding digital but pulled of the trick of keeping the detail and dynamics of digital but presented in a analogue fashion, well now enter the Astell&Kern AK380, not just a portable player but a very flexible Highend Source.


I have only had a quick listen as it has only just arrived but it is evident that somehow A&K have managed to move the goalposts again with what is achievable from a product of this size, first impressions are that it gives a more open sound than the AK240 with also better separation and space around everything, it also has a very capable EQ built in giving you the ability to really fine tune the original music files to suit your tastes and along with the AK Connect App you can stream via DNLA from your NAS direct to the AK380, very handy indeed.


As ever with A&K products it is beautifully packaged and built, it is larger than the AK240 but also offers a larger screen which is very nice once you start using it.


Anyway I won’t bang on anymore, needless to say we have the AK380 on demo now along with the full range from Astell&Kern so if you do want to come in to experience Highend Audio in your pocket please feel free to get in touch to book an appointment.














[B]AK240 Vs AK380[/B]




[B]One Big Happy Family[/B]






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