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Boys Toys Day July 18th - UPDATE!





[B]An Open Day For Both HiFi and Car Enthusiasts.[/B]


Hi all,


Well with our Boys Toys Open day only a couple of weeks away now I thought I would do a quick update, basically we have over 100 people registered now with a great collection of cars coming along which really is excellent news, I really didn’t know what response we would get to this idea but it seems to have gone done well so far, so thanks to everyone who has registered so far.


Obviously the biggest concern when organising an event like this is that it is heavily reliant on good weather, well I have just done a long range forecast on Accuweather and it is showing a big round yellow sun at the moment so it is looking very promising :-)


I will update this one more time at the beginning of the week of the event but the basic timetable will be for the car owners to come to HiFi Lounge from 9am onwards for Sausage and Bacon butties on the BBQ for breakfast in the HiFi Lounge gardens, then around 11am we will go for around a 40 min drive around some gorgeous Bedfordshire lanes, so make sure you have fuel in the tank, to arrive at PMC around 12pm where the HiFi fun will begin.


We will have the run of the downstairs of PMC’s stunning Georgian Manor House where you will be able to hear a Best of British system comprising of Naim, Rega and PMC Twenty Speakers, there will be a headphone room using the Bryston BHA-1, PMC will be holding demo’s in their mixing room to show how studio work is done then there is the main event, a chance to hear the awesome active MB2 XBD-A’s with a £30K Vertere Turntable, and as a bonus Stephen Hill, a local artist and petrolhead will be displaying a collection of his car art, I have known Stephen for many years now, he actually designed our HiFi Lounge logo and he really has a unique style that looks really awesome.


Finally there will be a Hog Roast and drinks available at PMC so all in all it really should be a fun event, oh yes, not forgetting there is a 10% discount on any PMC or Bryston purchased on the day.


So to sum up, cars to HiFi Lounge for the morning and all the HiFi guys to PMC from midday onwards, for anyone who hasn’t registered yet please fire over an e-mail to me on [email][email protected][/email]


For those who didn’t see the below newsletter that PMC sent out I thought I would copy it below.


Hope to see everyone on July 18th :-)






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