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Bodywork started!



Current status all of the suspension parts have been sandblasted and epoxy coated ( in progress in pic)
[img][/img] are refitted to the car.


Decided to leave existing bushes in place for now to get rolling and able to paint...


Bodywork preparation has also now started in earnest. Gel crack filled and covered with 120g glass cloth/ West epoxy:










The first coats of primer have now been applied to the sides of the car, and indeed the bonnet and tailgate, and are awaiting an initial flatting before the next stage of stopping up and a second primer coat.


We decided to take advantage of the weather and do all of the rubbing down and priming - the first stage anyway - outside, rather than in the spray booth. Matching the paint code A15 Helleblau has proved to be a bit of a challenge. While we can track down the ICI paint code very few people seem to have matched that particular code in refinishing products








And with a black dust coat applied for flatting purposes:




The best advice we got was from Alan at specialised painting services in Reading (as previously advised here on the forum) whose contacts at DuPont didn't recognise the number or the name at all. In the end we used the Akzo mix for Porsche helleblau, and added a yellow tint to give a slightly greener overall colour matching the inside of the rear buttresses very closely, as seen in the picture below. The straight Porsche Helleblau on the right of the test card:


The picture here shows that jet washing the arches on these older cars is not necessarily a good thing... it's taken off all of the stone chip or underseal - whatever was in there - and gone right back to the gelcoat.




I will probably use the epoxy mastic to recoat the inside of all wheel arches once they have been properly prepared. That will then be followed by another coat of modern stone chip


In other areas, work on the exhaust manifold studs continued...many thanks to [b]Buddsy[/b] for advice on cutting speeds. I made up a rudimentary jig based on the manifold spacings and the gaskets to as a guide for a slot drill to take out the snapped exhaust studs. These were then Helicoiled throughout back to 8mm threads and helicoil inserts secured in place with thread lock. [b]Warning[/b]: Needed to be very careful not to go to deep as the cylinder head towards a jacket wall is very thin at the bottom of the manifold studs (source Gary [b]Kemp[/b]) so each one was measured for depth carefully before starting out on the drilling process. May revisit this again having read about "timeserts" from someone else on here. They look like a brilliant idea...


Fuel breather pipes have seen better days


as have the original ARB end bushes:
Presumably, these started life in one piece...


Next visit September.


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