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Back seat in

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Well, I didn't have all day on the car, I had to pop and see somebody about a fresh place to store a couple of the cars, due to the passing of the owner of the previous location.

Last night I trimmed the rear side panels.

I've fitted the back of the rear seat, including fitting new galvanised tabs to the bottom section of it, I've made up the mounting plat for the passenger side rear seat belts and fitted it, the other side needs a hole drilled and nuts welded to it then it's ready also. the base of the rear seat is in on the passenger side but it will be coming out again due to me mixing up a pair of bolts and using the pivot bolt (and washers etc) for the top mount of the front belt.
The front passenger seat is also in place and the seat belt for it anchored.

I've done a little more work on the rear bumper and it's currently covered in primer which will take ages to dry in this temperature.
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