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Suspension and brakes rejuvenated



Took a while, but all parts grit blasted with 80 mesh Alox from Machine Mart before being sprayed with Rustbuster's FE123 as security against crevice corrosion, then sprayed with their epoxy mastic.






Sprays on much better than brush application, and coat build is excellent.




Wrapped ready for return^


Brake calipers were treated to the same proces before being coloured with smooth gold hammerite, which I hope will look good behind the silver of the BBS wheels. Caliper bores protected before blasting/ spraying




pistons just slid into callipers without seals at present, refurb to be finished when new stainless lines refitted later on


Back in Lincoln, all was loosely reassembled so we could get it off the ramp and start the bodywork...






Ratchet straps come into their own again for getting the springs on:




On to the bodywork...


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