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Boys Toys Driving Route around The Wrestlingworth Ring!



Hi All,


As the weekend is now getting close we thought it would be worth posting the route that we will be driving through the Bedfordshire Countryside once we leave HiFi Lounge around 11.30am after breakfast to arrive at PMC around midday.


I really want to park all the sports cars in one area at HiFi Lounge so that we can all leave as a convoy, the idea is for only sports cars to come to HFL for breakfast, normally everyone would be welcome but due to restricted parking spaces and the number of people and cars intending to come we really would only mainly like sports cars here, thanks.


Anyway on with the route :-)


[b]Countryside Sports Car Driving Route - Wrestlingworth Ring


Route from HiFi Lounge to PMC[/b]


30 minute driving route of 15 miles of beautiful Bedfordshire countryside.


We will be driving through a number of villages please respect the speed restrictions and enjoy the fabulous driving on the route in between.


When arriving at PMC we will be turning directly off the A1 at a point where there is no slip road, please be careful to try and space out as we approach to avoid backing the traffic up to the Biggleswade roundabout.




[b]Route Step by Step:[/b][list]
[*]Leave HiFi Lounge Millow Hall Farm - Turn right
[*]Dunton Roundabout - Take 3rd exit
[*]Drive through - Dunton (30mph)
[*]Drive along ‘Cambridge Road Straight’ (60 mph)
[*]Drive through - Eyeworth (40 mph)
[*]Drive the ‘Eyeworth Esses’ (60 mph)
[*]Turn Left onto B1042 High Street, Wrestlingworth
[*]Drive through - Wrestlingworth (30 mph)
[*]Pass by Cockayne Hatley via ‘Hatley Road Corner’ (60 mph)
[*]Down ‘Hatley Hill’
[*]Take 1st Left - Sutton Road (40mph)
[*]Cross staggered cross roads ‘Follow Through’ across B1042
[*]Continue Sutton Road (60 mph)
[*]Pass by Sutton and enjoy ‘Sutton Road Curves’
[*]Dunton Roundabout - Take 2nd exit
[*]Drive by HiFi Lounge - Millow (30mph)
[*]2nd Left - Towards Water Tower A1 junction
[*]Mini Roundabout - Take 1st exit for slip road onto A1
[*]‘Final Straight’ - to Biggleswade Roundabout (60/70mph)
[*]Biggleswade Roundabout - Keep to in inside lane
[*]Go straight over roundabout, take it easy exiting A1 North
[*]PMC is 1st left off roundabout - 300 yards
[*]Enjoy PMC and afternoon of fun


Google maps full directions:




Roll on Saturday :-)






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