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Devialet Open Day @ HiFi Lounge July 25th, Come and Hear Phantom!





Hi All,


So now that our Boys Toys day is a very happy memory it is on to the next open day this Saturday, which I am equally excited about as Devialet have really given us something quite special with their Phantom Speakers, I have done many demo’s since getting them in at HiFi Lounge a couple of weeks ago and everyone’s response is the same, the look of amazement really is priceless :-) so if you would like to experience something new and exciting in HiFi please feel free to come along.


The weather is looking good again so the plan is to have coffee and croissants for breakfast then fire up the BBQ for lunch :-) We will be running a Stereo Silver pair of Phantoms as well as a single White Phantom along with an Expert 400 and probably the PMC Twenty.26’s and an Expert 120 with PMC’s Twenty.23’s. We will be using the Aurender N100 and X100 as sources on the Expert Amps as well as Michell Engineerings new Orbe SE-R turntable, this is the only one in existence at the moment and really does look and sound the part.


Joachim from Devialet will be on hand to answer any questions and help run the day, if you’d like to come along please let me know on [email=""][email protected][/email]




Hope to see you on Saturday,






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