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Devialet Phantom Is Coming!





Hi All,


I just thought I would take a quick break for setting up for tomorrow’s open day to finalise what we will be running, after much deliberation on how to best show Phantom and Expert we have decided to split it over the 2 shops.


Firstly it looks like the Phantoms have scuttled over to the Headphone shop :-) so we will have a stereo pair of Silver Phantoms running over there along with a single white Phantom.


In the HiFi Shop we will have downstairs a Devialet 120 with PMC Twenty.23′s and a Rega RP6 along with Aurender N100 for digital and Tidal.


In our main demo room upstairs we have taken the ‘Go Big or Go Home’ approach and have decided to run the PMC MB2 SE’s, as they now have a SAM profile, with a Devialet 400, Michell Engineerings new Orbe SE-R and Aurender X100, so plenty to keep everyone entertained :-)


Now all we need is for this rain to stop so that we can all enjoy a BBQ tomorrow :-)














Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.






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