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PMC Speakers i Series Exchange Program News!





Hi All,


As everyone knows we love our PMC Speakers at HFL, so when PMC mentioned that they are running a promotion during September where i Series owners can easily trade in their speakers against the new Twenty range we were really pleased to be part of the scheme.


So how does it work? Basically if you have an i Series pair of speakers and would like to explore upgrading to the multi award winning Twenty range of speakers just get in touch, we need to know the finish, age, condition and if boxed, we will then give you a very competitive price for your speakers.


The idea is to take the hassle away from the customer who would have to sell their speakers on, I know some people are happy to do this but a lot of people don’t use 2nd hand HiFi forums or eBay, this way we can collect your speakers when we deliver your new Twenty speakers so it couldn’t be easier really.


This offer is running throughout September so if you would like us to give you a price for your i Series speakers please get in touch, it may not cost as much as you think to upgrade to the Twenty range of speakers, we have the full range of Twenty speakers on demo so please feel free to come in for a demo.


It is also worth mentioning that PMC’s prices will be going up on many of their speakers on September 30th, so maybe another reason to upgrade now.


More information can be found in the below link + the voucher required -










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