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HiFiMan HE-1000′s Finally Arrive!



Hi All,


Like many I have been waiting patiently to finally get our demo HiFiMan HE-1000′s in the building and at long last they arrived yesterday, just in time to take them to The National Audio Show this weekend as we run the Headphone department, hope to see you there.


Arguably these are the most exciting headphone release of 2015, if like us you are after the best sound quality possible from a headphone then these are probably already on your radar, they have had stunning reviews around the world with many people who have been lucky enough to listen to them declaring them a rival to my favourite headphone, the Stax SR-009′s. So needless to say last night I stayed late into the evening giving them a good listen and the reviews are right, the HE-1000′s are a very special headphone.


If there is one criticism of HiFiman in the past it is the build quality, but just lately this hasn’t been a problem and this is certainly the case with the HE-1000′s, they look very robust and have a far better system of connecting the cables to the headphones. Also these have got to be up there with the most comfortable headphones currently available, again rivalling the SR-009′s, you just don’t know you are wearing them.


They are not the easiest headphones to drive, I was switching back between the HE-1000′s and LCD-3′s, another pair of headphones that are not easy to drive, and there was quite a difference in volume between the 2 pairs with the HE-1000′s being much quieter, they are much easier to drive though than the legendary HE-6′s, but it is definitely going to be important to partner them with a quality headphone amp.


So how do they sound? The first thing that I noticed was the imaging and width to the soundstage, something the Sennheiser HD800′s are known for, these easily rival the 800′s and beat most other headphones, for overall sound quality, you do get great bass weight that is very tight and controlled and the overall balance is one that is very revealing but with a slight warmth that the Planar technology brings compared to the electrostatic sound of Stax. They almost fit quite nicely between the LCD-3′s, with there very natural and organic sound and the SR-009′s which are very delicate and open.


I would say these are up there with the best 3 headphones in the world at the moment, they are probably a slightly more forgiving headphone compared to the SR-009′s and will play a wider variety of music but there is still a magic to the SR-009′s that make them very special, it will really come down to personal preference, one of the real winning attributes of the HE-1000′s is that you have a wider variety of amps you can use compared to a Stax Energiser, this is my next quest, to find the perfect amp for the HE-1000′s, something like a Trilogy 933 should work a treat or a Chord Hugo TT, hopefully at the show this weekend Chord will have their new DAC / Headamp Dave on demo, now that could be a potent combination :-)


Anyway below is a link to the HiFiMan HE-1000′s on our website, we now have a review part of the site so some product pages now have reviews, the HiFi Plus review can be read here -




[B]Unboxing - Its been a long wait.[/B]




















[B]They’re certainly not small.[/B]






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