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National Audio Show Update!





Hi Everyone,


Well we are nearly all set for The National Audio Show this weekend, all that is left to do now is box pretty much the whole of Highend Headphones up and cram it in the van and then set it all up at Whittlebury Hall :-)


We have 15 Manufacturer’s coming along with their own booths but the idea on our stand is to show some of the best headphone setups currently available, I will be setting up a system that is currently what I believe to be the best compromising of the Stax SR-009′s, a Hugo TT, an Aurender X100, A Isol-8 Substation LC all hooked up with Altas Asimi cables, this equates to a £20,000+ headphone system, should sound awesome :-)


Also Chord Electronics have confirmed that they will have a working Dave DAC / Headphone Amp (£7995) on their stand, the best news is that our HiFiMan HE-1000′s arrived this week so I can not wait to try them on Dave, that really should be something quite special.


Finally don’t forget that we are offering 10% off any headphone purchases at the show, If you are going along I look forward to seeing you there.


Right time to start boxing up :-)






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