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Remembering David Bowie - April 9th @ HFL.




BlackStar Played on Vinyl in its Entirety at 1pm

Vinyl for sale on the day!

Hi All,

I have always liked doing music based open days, so far we have had a Bruce Springsteen day, a Led Zeppelin Day and 70’s rock amongst others but this year we weren’t really planning to do such a day until we got the sad news of David Bowies death earlier this year, being that I have been a big Bowie fan from the early 80’s, how I wish I was a teenager in the Ziggy era, it seemed only right that we pay tribute to arguably Britain’s greatest ever solo artist so we have decided to do a day to remember the music of David Bowie on April 9th.

So the idea is simple, the only music we will be playing all day will be music by David Bowie or music that he worked on like Lou Reed’s Transporter or Mott The Hoople’s All The Young Dudes + any others that anyone can think off, the Trent Reznor collaboration is one of my favourites. We will probably play requests for the morning then at 1pm we will play Bowies last album ‘Blackstar’ in its entirety on vinyl, this is an amazing album, it is almost as if Bowie saved some of his best songs for his last album, it goes without saying that it is very dark and takes some getting into but once it clicks it really stays with you and is an album I play daily, a great mix of jazz and pop which I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t listened to it yet, for me Hunky Dory and Scary Monsters are my favourite Bowie albums but this is up there with his best work. We’ll see how the day goes but I’d love to get out my Glass Spider DVD as that was a great concert that I was lucky to attend at Wembley way back in June 1987.


In the thousands of tributes that were written after Bowies death he was described as many great things to the music, fashion and pop culture in general, he was a real legend, arguably the most influential solo artist the world has ever seen and certainly what he achieved will never be repeated again, what blows my mind is that he passed away aged 69 but he had a presence in the music charts for 6 decades constantly re-inventing himself and releasing fresh and exciting new music, the word’s legend and genius are widely over used really but they certainly apply to David Bowie and apparently he was a top person unaffected by his stardom and fame which is great to know. What I love also is that he left such a huge back catalogue behind that I am still finding albums that had passed me by somehow, at the moment I am listening to Heathen a lot, a really great album. 

Rather than re-writing what I wrote when Bowie passed away below is a link to a short but sweet tribute I wrote -

As with the Led Zeppelin and 70’s rock day Dave Lewis of ‘Tight But Loose’ will be coming along to help run the day with a Bowie Quiz amongst other things and the always popular Chris and Martin will also be coming along with their great collection of new vinyl for sale in our downstairs demo room, even if you are not the biggest Bowie fan but love your vinyl it is definitely worth coming along to see what vinyl delights you can pick up.


So to sum up, if you love Bowie please do come along to help us celebrate all his music, we will be getting out the PMC MB2 SE speakers along with Chord Electronic’s DAVE fed by an Aurender N10 & Chord Mono Power amps and the Michell Orbe so along with my Bowie collection of Vinyl and 24 bit downloads and anything you’d like to bring in it should be a real fun day where we can remember the amazing music of David Bowie on some great sounding kit.

There will be refreshments throughout the day so I hope to see you on April 9th between 9am - 5.30pm.





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