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New Audeze Sine Headphones on Demo and in Stock!



Hi All,

Just a quickie to say that we now have Audeze’s new Sine headphones on demo, I always felt that the EL-8′s were a little too big and heavy to be truly portable well this is Audeze’s answer, a Planar headphone that is designed to be portable and I have to say they really are excellent.

I took them home last night to try on my Mojo with Tidal running from my phone and was really impressed, firstly they are extremely well made and robust, when I first saw them I wasn’t overly sure on the styling but once you have them in your hands you can’t help but be impressed, yes they are quite understated, Beats they are certainly not :-) but they just ooze quality, things like the headband adjustment is so smooth with the right amount of resistance, the leather covering on the ear-cups is pure class, you can tell BMW styling were involved with the design again.

But obviously being well made is pointless if they don’t deliver on the sound quality front, well needless to say Audeze have got it right again, firstly they deliver a very open, clean and detailed sound, very un-closed back like to be honest and the bass is very extended but also punchy and tight, what I really liked though was the soundstage, especially for a small on-ear headphone, they really do deliver some width. Also another important feature is comfort, I have struggled in the past with on-ears but the triangle design cup really seems to work, giving a great seal from outside noise and giving great comfort at the same time.

The OPPO PM-3′s have been our portable headphone of choice up until now, a great headphone, but now it looks like they have a true competitor, luckily both sound very different indeed so I can see people finding it quite easy to choose between the PM-3′s and Sines, the OPPO’s give a warmer presentation with the Sines being more open and dynamic.

We now have the Sines on permanent demo and in stock ready to take away so please feel free to come in for a demo, priced at £399 I really don’t know how they make them for the money to be honest.












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