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New Arcam Solo Music and irDAC II Now On Demo!



Hi All,

I guess the title says it all really but this week we have taken delivery of the new Arcam Solo Music and irDAC II for demo.

Solo Music

The original Solo Music was before my time as a dealer but I have to say I have been listening to the new version and I have been extremely impressed, basically it has 80wpc of Glass G power which really is enough to drive most speakers and as with other Arcam’s Glass G amps you get a really powerful and full sound with excellent bass control and at £1500 it seems like great value for money, especially considering the spec of it being a CD/SACD Player, Network Streamer, FM/DAB Radio + digital inputs including HDMI. I would say Arcam are going to have a big hit on their hands here and I should also mention here that Arcam’s app has also come along way since it was first introduced and works really well pulling music of my NAS to the Solo.

Don’t forget there is also the Solo Movie giving very similar performance but over 5 channels and with the bonus of being able to decode the HD movie formats.

If you would like to come in for a demo anytime please feel free to get in touch and please find a link to it on our website + a few un-boxing pictures -





Arcam irDAC-II DSD DAC/Headphone Amp

Arcam DAC’s have always been extremely popular and with their latest incarnation that looks to continue with this being Arcam’s best specc’d DAC ever offering full 24 bit support + also now DSD and using the much resected Sabre DAC’s it will have the performance to match and as a bonus now you get a high quality headphone amp, so hook this up to a laptop and a pair of headphones and you have got a small desktop solution that will play everything you can throw at it in the digital domain, all for £495 which can’t be bad.

Again please feel free to come in anytime for a demo -






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