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PMC / Bryston Open Day - June 25th!



Hi All,
Well we generally do one PMC/Bryston day a year and this year’s open day, although not as big as last years ‘Boys Toys’ day, has certainly going to have lots of new HiFi Goodies to listen to from both PMC and Bryston so it is certainly going to be a fun day, and if you do want to bring your sports car along you are more than welcome :-)
Hear the New PMC Twenty5 Range!
So first up we will have the full range of the new PMC Twenty5 Series of speakers available to listen to for the first time, I really had no idea PMC were going to launch a whole new range of speakers, I thought we may see a new Twenty.25 speaker to celebrate their 25th anniversary this year but not a whole new range, so I am certainly very keen to hear these as the original Twenty range are so good I have often wondered what PMC would do next as I thought they were impossible to beat, but after talking to PMC at length about these new speakers it is clear that they are extremely proud what they have achieved with this new range and are convinced that they have improved the original Twenty’s in every area, so hearing them is certainly something to look forward to.
From what I understand the 21, 23 & 24 versions will be available later this month but the 22 and 26 won’t be around to buy until mid summer but we will have the full range here for the open day, personally I can’t wait to hear the new Twenty5.26 :-)
New From Bryston
So not only have PMC been extremely busy lately but also there seems to be no stopping Bryston at the moment, not only have they just released a whole new range of amplifiers, ‘the cubed range’ but they also have a new DAC out now, the BDA-3, and a new CD player and BDP-Pi digital player coming shortly as well. So for the open day we will be running the BDP-2 into the new BDA-3 into the new amps.
I have say that I have been massively impressed with the new Cubed amps, these really are quite a step up from the older SST2 amps which is saying something as they were brilliant, but these new versions seem to offer a lower noise floor which in turn give a more dynamic and open sound, these partnered with the new Twenty5 range should be pretty special, we will have the 4B³ Stereo Amp and 7B³ Mono Blocks running on the day.
We have just arranged this open day so more news will follow nearer the time but Tom from PMC will be on hand on the day and hopefully if Pete Thomas is around we can get him in for a while also, and if the weather is looking good we may well fire up the BBQ again :-)
Trade In
I just thought I should mention if you are interested in anything new from PMC or Bryston please do talk to us about trading in your current equipment as we will do our best to give you the best price possible for your equipment. 
So please keep an eye out for more news regarding this open day, it is certainly one I am looking forward to.


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