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More PMC twenty5 News + Twenty5.24 Now Here!




Hi All,

It is all PMC at the moment as just got back from a bash PMC threw to celebrate their 25th anniversary so firstly thanks to PMC for an excellent day and Happy Anniversary :-) It was actually really interesting as we went through all the technology that is inside the new 25 range, it really does blow your mind the lengths these guys go to when producing a speaker at this level, then we went into PMC’s listening room where we compared various models from the original twenty range against the new twenty5 range and I think there is no doubt that the new 21′s and 24′s are the stars here, especially the 21′s, the sound that comes from such a small cabinet is just amazing.

Basically with the new range PMC have tried to give a cleaner, better separated and defined sound, more agility with more bass depth whilst retaining the musicality that PMC are known for, and basically they have achieved it, in true PMC style they have created something quite special with the new twenty5 range and these are destined to be a huge hit.

Being a bit of a car nut I am quite ashamed that I never linked the new Laminair technology PMC have developed with a rear diffuser seen on F1 and many sports cars, especially as Ollie Thomas, the lead designer used to work at Red Bull, personally I would never have linked speaker design to Formula 1 technology but both are heavily dependant on air flow and getting the cleanest air over the car and out of the speaker, the pictures below show this very well and for me this seems to be the biggest improvement the new range has, you really do hear how this affects the speed, agility and overall sound of the speaker - 





New twenty5.24 Now On Demo!

More good news, along with the twenty5.21′s and 23′s we now have the twenty5.24′s on demo and when PMC said these were probably the one speaker in the range they have improved the most they really weren’t kidding, they are just epic, the original 24′s were excellent speakers but the new version is a huge step up across all areas so please feel free to come in for a listen anytime, I am busy running them in at the moment with Springsteen’s back catalogue :-)



Finally please find a link to the new range below and details regarding our PMC Open day on June 25th, hope to see you there -




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