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PMC / Bryston Open Day This Weekend!




Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would update this with the latest news regarding our PMC / Bryston Open Day this Saturday, firstly I am really hoping that the weather will rain itself out soon as we are steaming ahead with the BBQ for Saturday lunchtime so hopefully summer will raise it’s head for at least a couple of hours, so if you fancy a burger or hot dog please feel free to come along, better bring a brolly though just in case.

As for the main event, the plan is to run the new twenty5.23′s in our downstairs demo room partnered with the new Bryston 2.5B Cubed amplifier with an Aurender X100L feeding the Chord Electronics Hugo TT as the DAC and Pre, I have been running this combo all week and I have to say it really does sound excellent.

For the upstairs demo room, unfortunately the new twenty5.26′s are still in development, I pushed hard to get them but they are just not ready yet so we will have to be patient, but I guess that gives us an excuse for another open day in a month or two :-) So in their absence we will be running the new twenty5.24′s with the new Bryston 4B Cubed, the BP26 Pre, BDP-2 Digital Player partnered with Bryston’s new DAC, the BDA-3 so expect it all to sound excellent, particularly as PMC have made a bigger jump on the new 25.24′s compared to the rest of the range, they really are awesome.

Tom, the PMC rep who many of you already know will be here to help run the day and Pete Thomas, PMC founder, is also planning to come along to answer any questions and just generally chat and have a good time.

So as ever our PMC / Bryston days are always good fun so hope to see you all on Saturday.




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