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Devialet Unleash The Gold Phantom!




Hi All,

This is a bit crazy as the Silver Phantom is pretty epic and I really thought there would be no more performance to be got from such a small form factor but in true Devialet style they have pushed things even further with the announcement of the new Gold Phantom.

Basically it looks the same as the standard Phantom with it’s white bass drivers but has a gorgeous shade of rose gold for its side panels but it is inside where things get really interesting, basically with the silver Phantom you got 3000 Watts each one, with the Gold Phantom Devialet have increased this to 4500 Watts which does sound absolutely crazy, there is also a new version of Devialet’s ADH technology which is basically the amplification they pioneered a few years ago using Class A amplification combined with Class D to give the best sound quality but an efficient and compact design, finally there is a new Titanium tweeter.

I had a listen to the new Gold Phantom a couple of weeks ago and basically you get a more dynamic, faster and powerful sound that goes even lower than the Silver Phantom, going down to 14Hz but for me it is the new tweeter that makes the biggest difference giving a more open and detailed sound taking the Phantom up to another level.

Priced at £2190 at the moment, who knows what is going to happen now we are out of the EU, I would say prices are due to rise at some point, but at the moment it is £2190 and we are taking pre-orders, stock is due during July at some point when we will have our demo models also.

If you would like to discuss further please feel free to give me a call, below are a few details on our website and a few press shots.






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