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Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A Install!




Hi All,

I don’t normally do a blog regarding an install I have just done but this was rather special so I couldn’t help myself on this occasion, basically one of our customers has been a Martin Logan user for many years and it was time for an upgrade and he was particularly interested in the new Martin Logan Renaissance Electrostatic speakers with active room correction so a home demo was organised.

Firstly these are rather on the large side, I was particularly surprised by the size of the bass unit, it is huge and they weigh a tonne but once in place we started with the room correction, this is extremely easy to setup, basically all you need is a laptop and the Martin Logan Perfect Bass Kit which comprises of some software and a microphone and off you go, it takes a basic reading of your room then takes several readings of each speaker, you then click optimise and all the clever stuff happens and then you upload to the Renaissance speakers and that is it, and the difference is extremely noticeable as with any hybrid design like this the toughest part is getting the panel to integrate with the dynamic bass drivers, Martin Logan have made massive strides in this area over the years so you really do not notice the crossover from the panel to bass and this really helps once again with the integration, really cleaning and tightening the bottom end up, very impressive as you can turn the eq off and compare but it doesn’t take long before you realise that the eq needs to stay on :-)

Once done it was a matter of listening and I can say I have never heard anything quite like it, I love the Logan sound, very transparent, great separation and clarity but it was the size of the image that was so impressive thanks to the huge 15″ wide panels, to get an idea of size the Pioneer TV below is a 60″ and it is dwarfed by the Logan’s, just epic :-)

I am just waiting for the new model below the Renaissance to come in for demo which shouldn’t be too much longer so if you would like to hear the difference the room correction makes please feel free to get in touch.

Below are a couple of pictures of the Renaissance at the customers, needless to say after trying them at home he ordered a pair.







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