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Devialet Expert 1000 Pro now on Demo + Unboxing!




Hi all,

I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that we now have the much anticipated new Devialet Expert Pro 1000 on permanent demo, the new Pro range is a development of the previous Expert range with the Expert 1000 Pro being Devialet’s top model and replaces the Devialet Expert 800, there will be new Pro models to replace the 120, 200, 250 & 400 released very shortly and if you are already an Expert owner Devialet will be launching an upgrade scheme shortly so please do get in touch for more details.

Below are a list of all the improvements and Features on the new Pro Range - 

ADH® analogue-digital hybrid amplification, SAM® system for real-time adaptation of the signal transmitted to the speakers, free, regular updates using the EVO® platform, HD audio stream (wired or wireless) via AIR®, DAC Magic Wire®, RAM® Phono stage… The Expert is Pro system an engineering gem.

All Expert Pro systems incorporate all of Devialet’s audiophile technologies. 107 patents. 58 awards. The most award-winning audio system of all time.

In addition to these technologies exclusive to Devialet, Expert Pro benefits from many major innovations developed for this new line :

  • New ADH Intelligence®
  • New Magic Wire® DAC
  • New Class A Amplifier
  • New Class D Amplifier
  • New Power Supply
  • New Thermal Management

I had a listen last night to the D1000 Pro with the new Spendor D9 speakers, a great match I have to say, and straight away you notice how organic and natural the sound is, to be honest compared to the old D800 for me this is what hit me the most, everything sounds so easy and unforced, very analogue but with all the detail and separation but there is a real ease to everything, hard to put into words really but it is definitely a system you could listen to for hours with no chance of fatigue and when you look at how stylish it all is it is not hard to see why Devialet have come form nowhere in such a short space of time to become one of the most respected and popular audio brands out there today, this really is Highend Audio at its finest.

Below are a few Pics and a link to the 1000 Pro on our website, needless to say if you would like to come in for a listen anytime please feel free to get in touch.













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