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Ultrasone Launch The Tribute 7 Headphones!




Hi All,

I just thought I would post that I had a chance yesterday to listen to the new Tribute 7 Headphones from Ultrasone and I have to say the more I listen to Ultrasone headphones the more I like them, they really do offer a presentation that is right up my street.

I am very lucky that I do get to hear a lot of headphones but when I put the Tribute 7′s on I really didn’t want to take them off and that was listening to Guns and Roses, not the best recorded music out there, but on the Tribute 7′s it really did sound amazing, brilliant detail but it was the bass that impressed, very fast, clean and controlled and all from a closed back, I really believe now that the days of closed back being a compromise are long gone, well if done properly that is and when it comes to closed back headphones there is no one better than Ultrasone in my opinion.

The only drawback with the Tribute 7′s is that they are limited to 777 pairs worldwide and there are only 4 pairs in the UK available so if you want a Highend Closed Back Headphone that is neutral, revealing with tight and punchy base then you really do need to act fast as the UK allocation really isn’t going to be around for long, if you would like to hear a pair please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo, below is a link to more information -









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