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Since my original starting statement I have progressed considerably, so will try and break it down into bloggable chunks with photos. But before I tell you all about that maybe some photos to wet your appetite of how bad the car is.  A Lot of photos of the interior I'm afraid exterior ones where taken after I thought about making a blog....





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4 hours ago, silverfrost said:

Looks fine to me. :thumbup:  Now would be the time to think about maybe getting rid of that aftermarket sunroof though. :yes:

Hi Silverfrost, do people upgrade their sunroofs? It's a terrible piece of kit and constantly leaks so if there is a way to make it factory spec then that would be great. :animier:

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Hi Dave

I have the same problem as an aftermarket sunroof was fitted in mine also. Maybe in the 80s they looked cool but now i personally think they look terrible especially due to the small size and large round edges of those webasto type sunroofs that do not fit the esprits square profile.:thumbdown:

Few options to consider,   Matt on these forums swears by replacing the whole roof as he says he finds its easier as to line the open hole with fiberglass is near impossible to hide the repair as no matter how hard you try its always visable, I think he gets hold of used roofs that can be picked up for around 150 quid and cuts of at A posts and B posts and bonds on.   A lot of work but you are guaranteed a clean finish as to repairing the hole is difficult due to the esprit roof been a strange contour and not just flat it slopes. :) 

One of the members on here fitted an aftermarket roof that was pretty large and looked really nice, only downside to this is the glass roof slid all the way back, so if you needed to lift the tailgate in an emergency you are knackered. Also not cheap 4 to 5 hundred quid. I cant remember which member it was on here but it was a yellow s3 esprit, hopefully they will pop a picture up. 

You could always fit the actual lotus sunroof, downside this involves fitting a whole new fiberglass roof section as in the first paragraph and secondly the glass panels are now as rare as hens teeth and normally change hands for about 600 quid. 

I am some where between these 2 methods at the moment, I removed my aftermarket roof and cut the hole out even larger .!  My theory is that when people try to glass just the small sunroof hole the area is harder to hide the repair as it is bang on in the middle of a big roof section.  What i am going to try and do is cut right out to the edges as far as possible and fiberglass it.  My body shell is off at the moment so i also have the opertunity to turn the car upside down, use thin alloy sheet on the outside and gel coat and glass from the inside. If this fails to give me the finished result i am after i will cut the roof off and try Matts way.   

Lots of different options to think about Dave, some expensive but all very labour intensive.!  Hopefully people who have tried these options will post up their trials and tribulations on the matter.:)



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I've also got an aftermarket sunroof. I think its quite period, 'of its time' and I will probably keep it if I can get it looking nice. It also helps to get the cabin brighter. :) 

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