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Rubber hose removal

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Removed all the rubber hoses and took loads of photos, I only hope I can remember where they all go! Bought a silicone hose set from ebay, but they are for an S4, most of them will be ok, but the ones I’m missing I will get made up as I go along....

This is turning into an epic, I wanted to have all the water hoses in blue, oil hoses in black, fuel hoses Stainless steel braid and Vac hoses in another colour (haven't decided this just yet). Well it's ok for most of the water as there is plenty of choice around for Silicone hoses, the problem I stumble on is when there is a bend at the end of a very long hose. Most suppliers do 90 deg 135 deg and 180 deg bends but are limited in length. One of the hoses I have is 850mm long with a 135deg bend on the end and about 50mm long on the other side, it's a water hose and I'd quite like it in blue )-: think I might have to compromise on this one!

Also found a few pin holes in the metal connectors, which I've now replaced with SJ Sportcar ones, so much for keeping the spend down, trials and tribulations of lotus restoration I suppose. Still I'm having fun, tinkering and spending!

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