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Visor Upgrade

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Now these visors are a little bit tricky, because while I was pulling off the material the cardboard underneath tore and the whole structure came apart. I decided that the only thing to do was to make new substrates for them, and as I do CAD for work thought that a 3D print of them would be best. Unfortunately although I've done the modelling of the parts, the 3D printers can only just take the size required. The upshot is that I'm going to have to wait until there is a lull in workload at work before I can get my hands on them. :(. The metal parts, a frame and two chromed sliders where also corroded. In fact when I took them to the plater's they laughed at them. Once they had picked themselves up from the floor they said that they would "give it a go"! Amazingly enough when I received them back they had done a very good job, I believe that they (the platers) are using this as a test case for how bad things can get! I'll take that as a compliment :P

I'll send updated photos of the nice shiny parts once I've also received the 3D printed parts...hopefully soon!




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