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Focal Utopia and Elear Headphone Update!




I just thought I would post a quick update regarding the soon to be released Focal Utopia and Elear headphones as it has been a while since I have seen so much excitement about any new headphones, and rightly so to be honest as I had my first listen to both yesterday and these look very promising indeed and will be a great addition to the headphone market.

Firstly both the Utopia’s and Elear’s are due Mid September, we have managed to secure a small amount of both from the first shipment so if you are keen to get a pair of either asap please feel free to give me a ring with a small deposit to secure them as we are being told that once the first shipment has sold out there could be quite a long wait as there has been such demand for these worldwide Focal are really struggling to meet that demand.

Firstly the Elear’s, all I can say that at £800 these offer excellent value for money as they are extremely well made, comfortable and offer a detailed sound but also very refined and forgiving and if you like solid bass then these could be for you.

As for the Utopia’s, these have really got people excited, especially after the InnerFidelity online review hit a couple of weeks ago describing the Utopia as the ‘World’s Best Headphone’ and coming from Tyll this is really saying something as he is notoriously hard to please, please see the review below, well worth a watch -

So at £3250 they really do enter at the Higher End of the headphone market but I couldn’t agree with Tyll more, these are a very exciting headphone, again extremely comfortable but it is the placement of instruments and detail that really impresses although the detail isn’t bright, quite the opposite really, it is all there but is presented in quite a natural way, this really is due to the Beryllium used for the drivers which is an extremely expensive material but definately gives a different listening experience, I am really looking forward to spending more time listening to these once our demo pair arrives, maybe a true alternative to the mighty Stax SR-009′s?

Anyway we will have both the Elear’s and Utopia’s here next month on permanent demo and if you would like to secure a pair please feel free to give me a ring.

Focal Elear Headphones



Focal Utopia Headphones






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