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PMC Twenty5.26 Open Day - October 1st!




Hi All,

We are just about to dash of for our holiday, yes off to see Bruce Springsteen again, bit of a bucket list trip really to see him play 3 gigs in his hometown which I have always wanted to do, anyway before leaving I just wanted to mention that we have another PMC open day planned, yes another one :-) This time for the new Flagship of the new Twenty5 series, the Twenty5.26 which wasn’t available when we did our Twenty5 launch event a couple of months ago but is due once we are back from our hols, so a very good reason to come home.

So knowing how good the new Twenty5′s are it has always been the Twenty5.26 that I have been looking forward to hearing as these promise to be pretty special and a bit of a giant killer so I thought we would do a mini open day just focusing on these speakers, we may have the 25.21′s running downstairs but the main focus will be the 25.26′s in the upstairs demo room running off Bryston.

Trade In

As mentioned before we can offer competitive trade in prices if you fancy upgrading to the new Twenty5 range so please feel free to get in touch to discuss.

So please feel free to come along for a listen to what promises to be a very special speaker indeed.

Right time to pack my case :-)







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