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Bumper on

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Having suffered the muscle spasm back in mid December which kept me off work until after Christmas I didn't want to be too daring but decided to give it a go today.
The rear bumper is now back on, most screws in but a couple not. It's on secure-enough to drive and that's all I need of it. it will have to come off again to be painted.
All lights at the back end are working and fitted, a few had to have corrosion scraped away. I found one of the side repeaters isn't working, I'm sure it was working before. I've ordered a new unit as I found the nut that was welded to the backing plat had nothing to weld to and the light holder had rusted away to virtually nothing.

I realised one of the drain holes of the cabin air intake was blocked (found that once I'd washed the car) , so that's now clear. I've also given the engine a quick spray over with a degreaser, it's not clean but it's not as dirty as it was, so tomorrow (hols) I hope to do the timing and with a slightly less greasy engine I hope to not get too dirty doing that.

I still need to fit the driver's seat and seat belt, so might as well put the rear interior side trim on while I'm there. I may even get a bit more of the trim work done.
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