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Fuel tanks removed



Hip hip hooray, I've managed to pull the fuel tanks from the car, what an ordeal. I was cursing the designer of these tanks all the way through. How could anyone think that they were a good idea I don't know! Anyway they are out. I wanted to inspect them for corrosion and replace the horrible foam with some closed cell stuff. The up side is they are in pretty good condition, I'll sand down the surface rust and respray with satin black shortly. One problem I did find however was that when I removed the nearside tank there was a metal funnel rattling around in the bottom. I removed it but have a feeling that it's something to do with the inner workings of the tank ? If this is the case (i've posted a query on the forum hoping to get some identification for the object) then I'll need to get it looked at by a specialist ? Hoping it's just fallen into the tank from the filler. Anyway here's what they look like out of the car with the old foams.

This is the last thing I need to strip out of the car, so from now on it's just a case of refurbing the parts and putting them back in....yay!


Well after using a lot of elbow grease sanding and cleaning the fuel tank, then treating all rust spots, priming and painting I finally managed to end up with a newly painted fuel tank....Only one more to do!!!


So both tanks done, fitted back into the car and all brackets, boards, fixings, vacuum thingy-ma-gigs and electrical connectors added to their rightful positions. I can have a little rest now knowing I've only got the engine detailing, transaxle fixing, to replace all pipes, refit interior, prep for paint and then reattach all bright work and bodywork!!!! ?






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