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PMC Twenty5.26 Speakers Now On Demo!



Hi All,

The title says it all really, it has been a little wait for the twenty5.26′s to join the twenty5 family but the wait is now over as our demo pair arrived yesterday :-) The rest of the twenty5 series really are quite something but this is the speaker I have been waiting for as for quite some time I have been running the twenty.26′s at home, it is a speaker I know really well and love listening to, the only problem is that I have had demo’s on the go since un-boxing them so they are still sitting in our downstairs demo room, it would be rude to kick a customer out I guess :-) but once 5.30 is here the doors will be locked and I can have a good listen, as a bonus it is my birthday today so thanks for the present PMC :-)

I should say that the cabinets look absolutely gorgeous, a really lovely wood grain with the veneer having a slight sheen on them but the overall fit and finish seems to have gone up a level with this range and they feet etc come in a very nice box nowadays, they certainly have a more premium feel.

Twenty5.26 Open Day - October 1st


As the twenty5.26′s weren’t available for our PMC open day a few weeks ago I have decided to hold another PMC open day but this time just focusing on the twenty5.26′s as a lot of our customers have the original twenty.26′s and are keen to hear the twenty5 version so please feel free to come along on October 1st for a listen.

Trade In

Don’t forget if you are interested in any PMC speakers please feel free to get in touch regarding trade in values for your speakers, we will give the best price we can.

 A few Pictures








Hope to see you for the open day.




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