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Naim Announce New Uniti Range, Meet the Uniti Core, Atom, Star & Nova!




Hi All,

Well this is certainly exciting news, Naim have just announced a totally new range of Uniti products that look absolutely stunning, basically it looks like the UnitiLite has been dropped and everything else is a direct replacement for the UnitiQute 2, Uniti 2, SuperUniti and UnitiServe.

Details are very thin on the ground at the moment but please see the new prices below and it looks like the first product will be the Core shipping early November, the Atom follows early December, the Atom comes in 2 versions, with or without HDMI, finally the Star and Nova will follow early 2017.


New Uniti Range Prices

  • Uniti Core - £1650
  • Uniti Atom - £1600
  • Uniti Atom (HDMI) - £1700
  • Uniti Star - £2999
  • Uniti Star (Tuner) -£3150
  • Uniti Nova - £3800
  • Uniti Nova (Tuner) - £3950

It also looks like there will be a new Naim app to control the new Uniti range which will be interesting as Naim already offer the best app in the market as far as I am concerned.

New Uniti Specifications


New Power Cable

Interesting Naim have also developed a new mains cable for the Uniti Products called the Power-Line Lite, I have always said that the PowerLine should always come in the box with Naim products as it can make a big difference to the overall sound quality so it now looks like Naim have kind of gone down this route, it will be interesting to see if this is offered to buy separately.

New Remote

Not much to say here other than it looks very classy and is a more stylish remote than the previous Uniti Remote, just like everything here to whole range just really takes all in one designs to a new level.


Well these certainly look like great products, I really love the styling, when I first saw them I was a little concerned about the volume dial on the top and I guess this will cause some issue for people that want to put them in a rack but in reality they look so smart that they need to be on display, they are almost mini versions of the Naim Statement :-)

Trade In

Finally if you have an existing Uniti Product and would like to upgrade to one of the new range please get in touch as we can offer competitive trade in prices.

We are now taking pre-orders so please get in touch to get to the front of the queue for what promises to be extremely popular products just as the previous Naim Uniti Range was. Personally I can’t wait to get these in and will update this with any fresh information once available.

The Full Line Up!

Uniti Core


Uniti Atom


Uniti Star


Uniti Nova




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