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Naim Uniti Dealer Launch Event Photo’s!




Hi All,

I spent the last 2 days at a Naim dealer conference in London for the launch of Naim’s new Uniti Range where we got the background on all the R&D that has gone into these new ground breaking units, basically 3 years of constant development from a big team at Naim has gone into a total re-development of the Uniti Range, in particular the digital section to produce what has got to be a range of the most advanced HiFi Components that the world has ever seen, how Naim have crammed all this tech in for the money is beyond me, especially once you actually see these units, the photo’s really don’t do them justice, they really do look quite stunning.

Although it looks like they all offer similar functions to what went before I think it should be stressed that these new units have such powerful processors at their heart that any new technology that does come along for the foreseeable future can now easily be supported and with things like the Core’s removable disks and the ability to fit an SSD drive if you want and the fact that the Star give you the option to rip to either external drives or an internal SD card show an extra level of flexibility probably never seen before, and a special mention should be made to the new remote which runs Zigby, something I wasn’t aware of before to be honest but it offers 2 way communication so as the volume increases on the product there is also a light display on the remote which increases at the same time, very cool.

Obviously all this tech is pointless if it the sound isn’t up to scratch but luckily when it comes to Naim you know you don’t need to worry here and yesterday we got to hear the Atom on a pair of Sopra 1′s, yes a £1600 all in one powering a £7000 pair of speakers and it sounded excellent giving a that Naim sound everyone loves and that colour screen showing the artwork looked stunning.

As for availability, the Core’s are being built now with the Atom to follow early November, the Star and Nova will be coming January 2017, we are taking deposits now, only 10%, but if you are keen to get a new Uniti it will be worth getting in touch asap as there is bound to be strong demand with only a limited supply to start with.

Trade In

Obviously we are very happy to take Naim equipment for trade in so if you are an existing Naim Uniti customer who would like to upgrade please feel free to get in touch as we can offer great prices for your equipment, even if you are not a Naim owner at the moment but would like to trade something in please get in touch.

Anyway onto the pictures -


Uniti Nova


Uniti Star


Uniti Atom + Uniti Core


Nova Internals


Atom Driving Focal Sopra No1′s





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