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Not a good day, but not a bad day

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I had planned to get outside earlier today but the warmth of being inside the house was too much, I got outside and working on the car just before midday.

State of play before doing anything, engine wouldn't run, it would occasionally fire, it was flooding its plugs but had some spark there.

After several attempts I pulled the dissy cap, set the timing visually (static, noted the markings the reassembled the dissy cap (which involved rotating the dissy to get shovel-sized hands in to the clip then rotating it back). It still didn't want to run.
I then checked the cam timing as I'd noticed a bit of fuel spit back several times. Surprise Surprise, teh inlet cam was off, but the real surprise was that it wasn't one tooth, it was three teeth. I must have slipped the belt when I removed the old tensioner and fitted the new one, the belt was only put on and not run for more than 60 seconds to make sure it ran.

OK, still not great but a gas blow lamp to the plugs and they were dry enough to provide a spark.

It ran, for a little while before I noticed the alternator belt slip off, so I rushed and turned the ignition off. I'd left the socket on the crank pulley bolt so it had undone itself and the pulley came off. No real damage save a small amount of abrasion on the inner edge from the woodruff key.

After playing with the timing while it was running, I managed to get it to warm up and eventually decided the idle wasn't going to settle down, it seems the previous owner had set it up quite high (circa 2k rpm) so I dropped it down and set the timing, it now runs and doesn't seem to mis-fire.

Not exactly the day I had planned which involved the trim work, however having the engine running (still need to re-fit the breather plastic green thing, the air inlet pipe and work out the source of the slight squeal- possibly the tensioner) which is a bigger step forward than some trim looking nice.

Why was that not considered a good day?
My spine has started to tense up again- more stretching exercises, again.
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