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Atlas Announce Limited Edition Mavros Ultra Interconnect!




Hi All,

Anyone who has been into HFL knows that we love our Atlas Cables here, in fact most of our customers that have bought cables from us are now Atlas cable owners with many expressing how happy they are with this addition to their system.

For me I have always loved the fact that Atlas cables don’t really add anything to the sound, it is not a bright or forward cable, it just gets out of the way and let’s the kit do its thing, if anything I would say Atlas Cables go towards the more natural and organic side of the sound field.

Anyway the point of this blog is that Atlas recently won ‘Cable of the Year’ for its Mavros Ultra interconnect in the HiFi News review of the year edition, so firstly congratulations to Atlas for this well deserved award, and to commemorate this achievement Atlas are producing a limited Edition version of the Mavros Ultra, now I have to say as a big Atlas fan I am very tempted to bag one of these goodies for myself so it is supposed to be limited to 50 pairs but I think you are better of saying 49 pairs :-)

Anyway you can find out more below - 


  • Limited production run (Available until 31/12/16 or 50 pairs max)
  • Luxurious Gold plated Ultra RCA plugs
  • Unique sequence of serial numbers
  • Hand signed limited edition authenticity certificate
  • Special Atlas presentation box
  • Prices starting at £1495.00 inc vat (1.0m pair)

Below is the HiFi News Review of Mavros -


Kevin Kelly, Managing Director of Atlas Cables had the below to say regarding the launch of the Mavros Ultra SE “We have been overwhelmed by the success of the Mavros range, so it was only fitting for us to highlight this success with a limited run of Special Edition analogue interconnect cables in recognition of the global accolades it has achieved. Mavros epitomises the Atlas DNA – a great-sounding cable created through true scientific research using the very latest materials designed specifically for the job in hand. Hand-built at our dedicated factory in Scotland, we are proud to present this Special Edition version of the Mavros Ultra, which showcases the very best performance we have achieved with copper cable technology to date.”

The reviewers say;

HiFi News - Mavros Ultra

Atlas’s Asimi Ultra had already dispelled the myth that all silver cables sound ‘bright’ but the copper-infused Mavros Ultra succeeds in sounding smoother still. It helps instil a settled quietness to musical backgrounds, the system sounding free of grit and grain and yet not so luxuriant or sweet that the shimmering edge of percussion or brass is polished away.

HiFi world - Mavros Ultra RCA

The ability of the interconnect to combine speed with such composure resulted, time and again, in a stellar musical performance.

Mavros Ultra RCA/XLR

This is a supremely well-balanced cable with a standard of construction and finish to match.

So anyway to wrap up, if you would like to be one of the 49 ;-) remaining people to own this special edition cable please feel free to get in touch.

Please find a link below to the rest of the Atlas range -




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