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Whest Audio Phono Stages Now At HiFi Lounge!




HI All,

I think it is fair to say that one area where we haven’t got a lot of choice at HiFi Lounge is quality phono stages, yes the Dynavector P75 and Rega Aria are excellent stages but I have been aware for some time that there is a whole world above this price point that can really add to the enjoyment you can get from your vinyl collection so it gives me great pleasure to add Whest Audio to our Portfolio.

A good phono stage is vital to any vinyl system and with Whest Audio this is what they specialise in and are the only products they produce, Whest are considered by many to be the makers of the best Phono Stages in the world, starting at £1399 and going up to an eye watering £13,199, Founded and run by James Henriot, their Phono Stages are used in both Domestic and Pro audio fields. These UK made Phono Stages use only the best grade audio components to really get the very best from your vinyl collection. Offering Class A Output stages, single ended and balanced outputs, various cartridge loading options and separate power supplies you know you will be hearing your vinyl at it’s very best. 

So if you love your vinyl as we do and really do want to know you are getting the best from your setup then come into HFL to give Whest Audio a try, below is a link to a review on the WhestThree Signature which we have on permanent demo along with the WhestTwo.2.





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