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Breaking News, Arcam Announce AV860 Processor with Dirac!




Hi All,

I just got an e-mail come through from Arcam with news that I really wasn’t expecting as I had been told late last year that Arcam wouldn’t enter the processor market again which would have been a real shame, especially now knowing how powerful Dirac is, well luckily Arcam have seen the light and from January 2017 the new AV860 processor will be available :-)

Details are a little sketchy at the moment but needless to say this is a cutting edge processor and is bang up to date with all the latest audio codecs and 4K video inputs and at £3999 it isn’t crazy money so I can see this being extremely popular, especially with Dirac implemented, I know I keep banging on about Dirac but I have installed quite a few AVR850′s now in many different environments and the outcome is always the same, a much more focused and immersive sound. 

Needless to say we have ordered an AV860 for demo so roll on January 2017 :-)




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