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Trade in and save on the Excellent Questyle CMA600i Headamp / DAC!




Hi All,

One of our favourite digital headphone amps is the excellent Questyle CMA600i, and there has never been a better time to consider it as Questyle are offering a trade in value of £100 against it if you trade in any headphone related product, to be honest it has always been a bit of a bargain so it is even more so now.

What makes it so good? well firstly is uses Questyle’s patented Current Mode Amplification which gives a very natural and analogue sound whilst retaining all the detail, it really does give a very easy to listen to presentation, then there is the DAC section which is state of the art and offers up to DSD 256 with no converting to PCM, it also has 2 x single ended outputs and a 4 pin stereo balanced output, put this together with its stunning build quality you really do have a headphone amp that is unbeatable for the price, then you just have to choose what headphones to partner with it, the new Focal Elear’s would make a great partner, or perhaps the Sennheiser HD800S’s.

Anyway if you feel this is something you would like to consider please feel free to get in touch or please feel free to come in for a demo anytime.




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