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Window frame = powder

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Didn't want to do too much and aggravate my spine issue, nor jobs that would cause it to get cold/ strained.

I've fitted a few more bits of carpet and trim. The rear floor carpets are now secured via clips, the passenger side front floor one is secured via clips. The passenger side over-mat has been trimmed with a saw and secured using special clips (VW ones).

Then it's onto the windows, passenger side didn't move but the driver's side did a bit. I tried lubricating bits I could get to but it didn't have any effect. I resorted to pulling the frame from the door beam & shell. One of the three legs is fine, one is very good, one is not attached to the section that the bolts go into. The rust is very bad. I have some spare frames purchased with this in mind, but if I can avoid using them (2 out of three legs is probably one of the better frames) then I'll repair this one. I'll have a look at adding some plates outside the frame runner area, and then try to get them in line and weld to the tubes that the bolts go in. if that ails then I'll just use the better ones I purchased.

Hopefully the passenger side isn't as bad, and isn't any worse. I wonder what's up with that motor/ mechanism? I could hear a relay click when the switch was operated, so many possibilities.

Oh, it started very well this morning, tried with just turning it over, it didn't fire, I applied a small amount of fuel enrichment and it started and then ran nicely.
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